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Daybreak Star Preschool

Outdoor Preschool

Program Overview 

In our outdoor program, established in 2021, children spend their entire school day outdoors learning through hands-on exploration, discovering ways to develop social-emotional capabilities while being in relationship with the natural world. We believe that fostering strong connections to the natural world we all live with cultivates dispositions of empathy, stewardship, and conservation, which deepens our connection and relationship with the land. This process allows young children, and adults alike, to develop strong self-identities and a sense of belonging. Find out the benefits of preschool done outside here.

Curriculum Philosophy 

Our intention with the outdoor classroom, the Bear Room, is to build a strong self-image within children, as well as construct avenues for everyone to find a sense of place and healing on the historic grounds of Daybreak Star. By being in relationship with current and future Native and Indigenous partners, educators will weave together culturally relevant Native and Indigenous wisdom to shape and transform the experiences of children and their families. For our families and children who identify as Native American and/or Alaskan Indian, we aim to build and utilize a living curriculum that brings a sense of healing and restoration and challenge colonized thinking of what it means to be outdoors. In addition to this, educators will find authentic and impactful ways to support children’s learning as they transition from an outdoor classroom to traditional settings enclosed in walls. 

child with a magnifying glass


Children in the Bear Room are: 
– 3-5 years old
– Potty trained 

Program Tuition 

Outdoor classroom tuition comes to $1,000/month. Though our outdoor program is not affiliated with the Seattle Preschool Program, tuition assistance may be available. For more information, please contact us

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Preschool Program Manager Nick Terrones: [email protected]