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Daybreak Star Preschool


Our curriculum philosophy begins with acknowledging our history: our history as an organization, and the histories of our ancestors. Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center was built with the purpose of having a place for Urban Native and Alaskan Indians to be in community with one another, to celebrate our heritage and values passed on from our elders and ancestors.

We take an Indigenized approach to children’s school experience and encourage them to develop a passion for curiosity and questioning, fostering lifelong learning by engaging and embracing the land which we live with, seeing our plant and animal relatives as teachers. We work with families to ensure they have access to information, resources, and training that support them in moving towards their individual and family goals.

We weave our Native/Indigenous teachings and knowledge with the researched backed HighScope curriculum platform. Our educators’ innovate practices not only center Native American Culture but also lay foundations for school readiness.

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Daybreak Star Preschool affirms and acknowledges all gender identities and expressions, and family structures. All are welcome into our community!